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Battlefield 3 Beta

1 October 2011

Battlefield 3 Open Beta – It’s here!

Yes, grab yourself a download of that annoying Origin thingy and fire up the single BF3 map available.

Sadly, in a nod to the CoD and BC2 crowd, they are showcasing the beta with a Rush map (and not a huge one) called Operation Metro. Although this is a good map (once you get past the choke point of the tunnel entrance) it doesn’t really show off the potential of BF3 – which is large scale conquest with vehicles.

Still, it is a good taster for what BF3 will feel like and personally I really like it.

What I like less is the layered applications they have used to let you get to the game – Origin itself which is an online store, game library/validator and in-game overlay (like Steam); battlog (or battleface as we have taken to calling this combination of server browser and facebook functionality), which requires a different friends list to Origin and manages the game lobby, stats pages and server browser, then finally there is the game itself.